February 12, 2014

Whole House Reuse : Design

The launch of the second stage of Whole House Reuse: Design, and the book that celebrates the first stage Whole House Reuse: Deconstruction.

In association with Rekindle, Whole House Reuse is asking creatives throughout the country to transform the entire material of one modest red-zoned home in Christchurch into purposeful, beautiful works. We invite you to the launch of the Design stage where we will be releasing the design brief, along with a publication that commemorates and captures the previous Deconstruction stage of the project. This contains the entire catalogue of resources available for transformation.

The book 'Whole House Reuse: Deconstruction' will be available for purchase at $40.00, or $48.00 for book and Design stage registration, or $20.00 for the digital version of catalogue of resources. 

This book has been made possible by support from the Sustainable Initiatives Fund Trust (SIFT) who provide financial assistance to innovative Canterbury based waste minimisation projects. www.sift.net.nz



February 11, 2014

The Auricle

We're very excited to have finished the fit-out for the wine bar at The Auricle Christchurch's new sonic arts gallery. 
Much gratitude for the awesome craftsmanship of Tim McGurk, Ben Nicholls, Guy Hooker and Phil Hart who all had a part in getting completing the unique Rekindle offcut-covered bar. And as always James Jagger has made a beautiful set of Rekindle chairs for the wine bar (yet to open). 

Come in and see us The Auricle and the Rekindle shop at 35 New Regent Street Christchurch. Open 10am to 6pm, 6 days per week, closed on Mondays.

Photo: Naomi Haussmann

September 06, 2013

The Offcut Series Presents: Bettina Evans

Come and explore 'Rope Ladder Universe' by Lyttelton artist Bettina Evans. Made from offcuts from Rekindle's workshop and a collection of ropes, some donated by Stark Brothers in Lyttelton port. This work will be on show for the next two weeks, in our Pop-Up Gallery on New Regent Street.

 DSC02052 DSC02042

August 07, 2013

Offcut Series: Jeremy Leeming and Nik Kneale

'Gonehaus' is a collaboration between Jeremy Leeming (jeweller) and Nik Kneale (landscape architect) exploring the memories of family homes demolished through the residential red-zoning process. Each piece represents Nik’s childhood memories of his now demolished family homes.

Opening Thursday 8th August, at 5:30pm in our Pop Up Gallery on New Regent Street.

Come and celebrate this work with us.



July 31, 2013

July 2013

Social Enterprise Week in New Zealand, yes!! And it's soon, in Wellington 14-18 August 2013. Come on up/down/across! And if you're wondering about a future in social enterprise, this might just be the point from which you never look back....

A chat with Hannah Smith...
Thanks Hannah Smith for coming and seeing us, it was wonderful to connect with your world and benefit your perspective and encouragement.

Photo - Fairfax NZ News
Photo - Fairfax NZ News


Off cut Jewellery Range.
Have you seen our furniture offcuts turned by the magical hands of Emma Byrne and Jeremy Leeming into cherished wooden gems? This work celebrates this stunning ancient timber for all that it's worth.

You can buy your friends, loves and/or dear hearts, one here...

Image by Laura Forest. www.lauraforest.com



July 22, 2013

The Offcut Series: Gaby Montejo & Jason Ware

We are excited to have these interactive creations by Jason Ware and Gaby Montejo currently in our pop-up gallery. Gaby has transformed wood offcuts into a series of 'noisemakers' and these are accompanied by Jason Ware's 'Drum and Bass'. Come down to New Regent Street, have a play for yourself, Wednesday-Sunday 10-4pm.

Gaby and Jason will also be playing these in an experimental performance 'House Music' on Wednesday night at 6:30pm, $5 donation, please rsvp to creative@rekindle.org.nz, spaces are limited.



July 10, 2013

The Offcut Series: Kara Burrowes

Come along to our pop up gallery on New Regent Street and see the new installation by  Kara Burrowes. Karahas taken waste from our workshop and most delicately created these stunning panels of pattern and colour. Three are still available for purchase. Open from Weds to Sunday 10am till 4pm.


June 30, 2013

June 2013

Pop-Up Shop and Gallery Opening!

Rekindle has opened a pop-up shop next to the cafe and studio on New Regent Street, Christchurch.

Come down and  talk to us about your needs for wood waste furniture, sculpture and interiors. And have a look at our beautiful jewellery, children's blocks, recycled paper stationary and other small pieces. Thank you Life in Vacant Spaces and our generous landlady for helping us activate this space!

Open Wednesday to Sunday 10am to 4pm, or by appointment.
Enquiries to info@rekindle.org.nz

Rekindle's online store is open!

It's taken a good few hot cups of coffee but we've jolly well done it!! Here is our new Rekindle online store, finally! http://rekindle.org.nz

Please share, enjoy, indulge.

Beautiful images by Laura Forest.


June 25, 2013

The Offcut Series: Tim McGurk

The third installation of The Offcut Series has now arrived in New Regent Street. 'Lamp' by Tim McGurk, a spectacular  x-wing fighter made from discarded materials, and rimu offcuts from Rekindle furniture. Visible in the shop front window anytime, or if you would like to get a closer look the gallery and pop-up shop is open Wednesday-Sunday. Imagine this as a dramatic alternative chandelier in your office/school/restaurant foyer! For purchase enquiries or other commissions by Tim McGurk please email creative@rekindle.org.nz



June 01, 2013

Rekindle in HOME New Zealand

'Rekindle, a fascinating Christchurch furniture company, finds a new home'

HOME New Zealand - June 2013

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