Whole House Reuse : Design

The launch of the second stage of Whole House Reuse: Design, and the book that celebrates the first stage Whole House Reuse: Deconstruction.

In association with Rekindle, Whole House Reuse is asking creatives throughout the country to transform the entire material of one modest red-zoned home in Christchurch into purposeful, beautiful works. We invite you to the launch of the Design stage where we will be releasing the design brief, along with a publication that commemorates and captures the previous Deconstruction stage of the project. This contains the entire catalogue of resources available for transformation.

The book 'Whole House Reuse: Deconstruction' will be available for purchase at $40.00, or $48.00 for book and Design stage registration, or $20.00 for the digital version of catalogue of resources. 

This book has been made possible by support from the Sustainable Initiatives Fund Trust (SIFT) who provide financial assistance to innovative Canterbury based waste minimisation projects. www.sift.net.nz