In these film workshops you can learn the craft skills required to make greenwood spatulas, pegs, darning, and Tī kōuka string, baskets, placemats and folk people. 
Each films features a craft practitioner who teaches their skills in our Resourceful Craft Workshops. An introductory film about Rekindle is included with every purchase, along with an introduction to the material of tī kōuka (cabbage tree) leaves for our weaving and string making workshops.


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Supported by: 

We are grateful to Creative New Zealand for funding for these films.  And huge thanks to Hilary Jean Tapper for the film work, Alexander Yerks for music, and to Kuva Zakheim for the audio. We are also indebted to the wonderful tutors involved: Gemma Stratton, Steven Junil Park, Douglas Horrell, Gregory Quinn and Juliet Arnott.
Proceeds from sales of these films go towards supporting our organisation to deliver our resourceful skills workshops and other projects, as well as directly to our craftspeople. Your purchase helps us support them to achieve sustainability in their careers as craft practitioners. 

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