Film: Darning workshop

This workshop film shares with you the ancient skill of darning. This 16 minute film with Steven Junil Park of 6x4 will guide you through the process of darning to repair your clothing and extend their life.

Additional film: When you purchase this workshop film, you will also receive a film which introduces Rekindle and explains the kaupapa or the central idea behind our sharing of these resourceful skills. This film also sets the context of our work here in Aotearoa New Zealand, and acknowledges Māori as tangata whenua, as those indigenous to this land.

You'll need:  An item to repair. Thread. Needle. Scissors. Optional: backing fabric, a darning mushroom. You can purchase a handmade in Aotearoa darning mushroom from our friends at Frances Nation (next doors to our Arts Centre workshop). 

Background to this technique:  Steven learnt about hand sewing and hand repair techniques while living in Paris. He worked for a very small maison with just one other couturier where he would repair and rework antique French workwear. During that time Steven learnt much about different materials and clothing construction through the decades, developing a deep appreciation of hand work.

The trailer below will give you a sense of the beautiful film work by Hilary Jean Tapper with music by Steven Junil Park, and sound by Kuva Zakheim.

Your Tutor: Steven Junil Park is a craftsperson concerned with making functional objects from recycled or repurposed materials. He is the pair of hands behind the label '6x4' under which he explores all manner of objects to do with human living, focusing on apparel. 


We are grateful that the production of these films was made possible by a grant from Creative New Zealand, and the dedication of the tutors involved. 

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