Film: Greenwood spatula workshop

This workshop film shares a way to carve a kitchen spatula from a piece of greenwood, and is suitable for anyone new to carving. This 16 minute film with Douglas Horrell of Cleft Craft will guide you through the process of splitting a log down and then carving a kitchen tool that will last you a lifetime.

Additional film: When you purchase this workshop film, you will also receive a film which introduces Rekindle and explains the kaupapa or the central idea behind our sharing of these resourceful skills. This film also sets the context of our work here in Aotearoa New Zealand, and acknowledges Māori as tangata whenua, as those indigenous to this land. 

You'll need: An axe and a wood carving knife (both are available through our shop). A heavy wooden mallet or piece of firewood to help split the wood. A log of greenwood. Chopping block/log. Walnut, raw linseed, hemp or tung oil. A small smooth stone for burnishing. 

Background to this technique: Douglas learned the basics of greenwood carving from Juliet Arnott, who in turn was taught by Gudrun Leitz at Clissett Wood in the UK. He also owes much to Alex Yerks from New York state, USA.

Your Tutor: Douglas Horrell has been teaching with Rekindle since 2017 and specialises in hand-carved, functional items such as spoons and bowls, as well as having an interest in chair-making and other greenwood traditions. He also has a growing interest in toolmaking - forging his own tools from high carbon steel. He hopes to offer locally-made carving tools to Rekindle students in the future.  @cleftcraft 

This trailer below will give you a sense for the wonderful film work by Hilary Jean Tapper and sound by Alexander Yerks, and sound by Kuva Zakheim.

We are grateful that the production of these films was made possible by a grant from Creative New Zealand, and the dedication of the tutors involved. 

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