November 04, 2014

End of the first Christchurch collection

The time has come where the first range of limited edition products we've been lovingly making here in Christchurch has sadly come to and end. We've found over the last while the supply of material has changed as demolition practices have changed. Working with waste as our supply means we have to be ready to change tack and respond to what is available or needs to be addressed, and so it is time to look at new waste streams, and that means new materials and designs. We know there is more than enough potential innovation in New Zealand to transform waste into reuse, and it is this alchemy we work to encourage.

For the next short while we will be selling our remaining stock and fulfilling current orders, and beyond that we'll be waiting for the new collection of products to appear from the Christchurch workshop, and we're very excited about that. We still have a few pieces of furniture left so please contact with any enquiries.

So please keep an eye out for a new collection of products as the talented makers and designers here bring them out. We are excited to be working on a set of materials provided by Housing New Zealand and that will feature strongly in our new Christchurch work.  And please watch for developments in Auckland too.

All in all Rekindle will keep on flowing wasted resources to those that value and transform these. We hope you will continue to support the innovation of the creatives we work with. By doing so you enable the reuse and diversion of valuable resources from landfill.


Below, beautiful new products made from Auckland's waste streams: Crackle Tubs by Clark Bardsley Design made from MDF and plywood offcuts from Cut Shop, Mt Wellington. On Raised Platform by 6x4 made from pallet timber, with Bunting by Emma Byrne from Rekindle Christchurch from interior timbers salvaged from homes now demolished. Photography by Evie Mackay.