Juliet Arnott

Juliet maintains a craft practice alongside her directorship of Rekindle. Her practice as both an Occupational Therapist and craftsperson leans heavily on the resourceful intelligence of life. As the Latin origin of the word 'resource' suggests, all life has the capacity to 'rise again'.

Juliet's work acknowledges that all materials are part of a lifecycle and that this has often become undervalued and they are misunderstood as just material 'resources'. She harnesses the care and connection that resourceful craft traditions give to her relationship with the life within and around her. Her work includes green woodworking, willow, tī kōuka & other basketry, studies of the Orkney chair -  this all leading her to establish the Resourceful Skills workshop programme in Ōtautahi Christchurch in 2017, & the festival of Necessary Traditions in 2018. Juliet's previous work includes founding the Whole House Reuse project 2012-2015 & Rekindle's furniture series 2010-2015.

Juliet can be found working in our Arts Centre workshop, and also teaches spoon carving, string making, basket weaving, stool making, mat weaving, chopstick carving & other workshops within our Resourceful Skills workshop programme.  @rekindle_nz & @ju_and_pip

Images - Above: Juliet making a greenwood stool 2018, photographed by Justyn Denney. A tī kōuka bowl & mat woven by Juliet 2019. Below: Teaching a children's spoon carving workshop in our Arts Centre workshop 2018 (photographed by Johannes Van Kan).

Below: Willow washing basket 2017. Orkney-style Chair for Whole House Reuse project, chair base made with rimu & chair back with carpet underlay bound with thread from an un-spun jersey, 2015.

Below: An Orkney chair made from Orcadian black oat straw grown by Harry Flett, and driftwood found at Marwick Bay on the Orkney Isles, Scotland, 2004.

Below: Basket nest woven from hazel in Clissett Wood, Herefordshire 2003 where Juliet learnt about greenwood practice. Treehouse woven over 7 days from willow, hazel & hedgerow clippings, Norfolk UK 2002.