Bella Roake


Bella first learnt to sew with her grandmother as a young child, her interest in arts and crafts were cultivated during her school years and then further developed when she did a Bachelor of Design (Hons) in Textiles at Massey University, where she discovered a love for fiber craft and natural dyes. She's since then learnt many more new skills, collaborating with like-minded people, and is now finding inspiration in teaching and sharing the knowledge.

Bella aims for quality in all things she makes and believes slow creation is important in a world that moves at great pace. She always endeavours to create enduring pieces with an emphasis on storytelling, resourcefulness and care.
Bella was a craftsperson resident with Rekindle in 2021, developing a frame loom weaving workshop.
For more about Bella visit or @bellaroake on Instagram.
Frame loom woven bag 2021