Mirabel Oliver

Mirabel Oliver joined the Rekindle team as a volunteer in 2021 and has quickly progressed to tutoring with us. She is a longtime lover of craft and has Bachelor of Fine Arts with honours in sculpture from The University of Canterbury.
Her journey with wool began with knitting. She loves the domesticity associated with working with wool and its incredible uses, seeing it as really important to family life. She was given a spinning wheel by her mother-in-law and was taught to spin by Annie Mackenzie.
Alongside her work with wool, Mirabel also works in watercolours. She looks forward to teaching more resourceful skills with Rekindle including string and wreath making.
Thanks to funding from Creative New Zealand, Mirabel was a craftsperson in resident at Rekindle in 2021. She co-developed a drop spindle spinning workshop to be taught in 2022 alongside Annie Mackenzie.
Spinning with a drop spindle 2021