Gregory Quinn

Greg works with wood from fruit tree care to craft, as a professional in home orchard care as well as a furniture maker. His practice has focussed on making beautifully conceived and executed greenwood furniture, rakes, pegs, food storage crates, brooms and other objects of use, using traditional machine-free techniques. Greg is teaching four of his sought-after two-day stool making workshops in 2024 - don’t miss out!  @homeorchardcare


Image above by Justyn Denney.

 Mallet & Chopping Block, Autumn/Winter 2020

Greenwood Stools & Chairs, Spring/Summer 2019

Images by Alex Yerks



Greenwood Stools, 2018 - early 2019



Greenwood Rakes, 2018-2019

Images by Justyn Denney




Hazel Clothes Pegs, 2017