Simone Bensdorp

Simone is a dynamic textile artist and an experienced teacher with a contagious enthusiasm for creativity. Her work is grounded by a philosophy of resourcefulness, using local, repurposed and sustainable materials wherever
possible. Simone is passionate about keeping traditional felt making skills alive, while continuing to expand and push boundaries with contemporary techniques. Her practice includes working with felted wool, and plant dyes and inks. Simone is teaching eco-printing, eucalyptus printed hotties, felt bowls, and felt slippers.

Walnut ink fabric printing 2021

Felt purse 2021

T'shirt yarn knitted dishcloth 2021

Felt wrist warmers 2021

Eucalyptus hot water bottle covers 2021

Felt boots 2021

Botanical Ink Making 2020

Images by Chris Cain. 


Natural Dyeing for Wool  2020

Images by Chris Cain. 



Eco-printing 2020

Images by Chris Cain. 



 Felted Cup Holders

Felted Hot Water Bottle Covers

Felted Woollen Slippers

Images above by Justyn Denney.