Diana Duncan

Diana learnt tī kōuka string and basket making from Juliet Arnott in 2016 and joined Rekindle as a tutor in 2018. In this time Diana has explored this materials use in a myriad of ways. Having studied fashion design and worked in clothing repairs and alterations Diana has always enjoyed creative design and problem solving. Her desire to tread lightly on this earth and conserve its resources has found a natural fit with this locally abundant and durable material. She has also worked with willow and is eager to deepen her weaving knowledge experience. @diana.iama.maker

Diana was a part-time resident in the Rekindle workshop funded by Creative New Zealand across 2020 and 2021. She can be found working there most Tuesdays on our Craft Opportunities Programme.

Image above: Diana making a doormat from tī kōuka. 

Frame basket made from foraged materials 2021

Looped tī kōuka string bag 2021

Tray from foraged materials 2021

Tī kōuka floor mat 2021

Tī kōuka and hazel fruit picker 2021

Tī kōuka handles and repairs 2021

Rectangular tī kōuka basket 2020