November 24, 2021

Rekindle's approach to the Covid traffic light system

With the approach of the government’s Covid-19 traffic light system, we wanted to share Rekindle’s policy with you all so that you have clarity and peace of mind when booking in for a future workshop.

We have taken the health, safety and wellbeing of staff, volunteers and members of the public into consideration, and thought carefully about how we can run workshops and deliver a fulfilling craft experience with a degree of certainty.

We have had a lot of discussion about this, as we have young children, vulnerable members of the population and those with elderly parents in our wider Rekindle family.

As we wish to operate as safely as possible, and protect the health of our communities, Rekindle will be running vaccinate mandated workshops from the implementation of the traffic light system, at all levels of the traffic light system.

This means that from Covid-19 traffic light system confirmation, anyone 12 and over attending a workshop at Rekindle must be fully vaccinated. Tutors teaching these classes are fully vaccinated.

Please note that medical exemptions are included in the vaccine passport programme.

We will review our policy in light of any new government mandates and as the situation evolves.

We are working hard to deliver some online workshops too, so that if you have chosen not to get the vaccine, or do not feel comfortable participating in publicly accessible workshops at this time, you can still participate.

We respect your personal choice as to whether or not you get the vaccine, and we ask that you respect ours. Be kind and stay safe.