June 01, 2018

Our latest project : Lincoln University & the Oak

It is a wonderful thing to find a place that echoes the intentions of your work, and we have found this in the Brandenburg Coppice at Lincoln University. You can read more about the history of the Coppice here.

Thanks to Lincoln University, Selwyn District Council, Creative Communities & Creative New Zealand we have run a workshop programme out in the Brandenburg Coppice across April & May 2018. It has been a wonderful time with new craftspeople leaving with smiles, satisfaction and a spoon or stool made from timber felled on the Lincoln University Campus. We've had people carving from age 5 to age 75.

These are a class of second year Landscape Architecture students after their day of greenwood stool making.

Some other happy stool makers. After a days hard work they went home with something which will last a generation or two or longer.

Some of our young spoon carvers starting their spoons and then oiling their finished spoons.

The film below summarises some aspects of this workshop series. 

We look forward to continuing to run workshops in this stunning woodland through collaboration with the University. We hope this will continue to contribute positively to the experience of Lincoln students and staff, both in terms of potential research  and in adding to a wonderful rich and engaged campus life.

Huge thanks to Steve Brailsford, Greg Quinn, Ruben Hull and Trent Hiles from our team who made this possible. Much gratitude to Nicola Furlong & Jessica Rae, staff at Lincoln University whose innovation made this possible. Major thanks also to: