September 13, 2018

Rekindle founder speaks at TEDx Auckland

From wastefulness to resourcefulness -

Occupational Therapist & Rekindle founder Juliet Arnott gave this TEDx talk, seen below, in Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand in late 2017. 

“Resourcefulness is a complex interaction between our inner resources and Earth’s resources, upon which we desperately depend. It is made up of a set of skills that enable us to meet our needs and live lives we have reason to value without damaging this beautiful planet."

“Traditional craft has become so displaced, but it could not be more relevant. Craft is the skilled relationship between us and Earth. Craft gives us the means to harness and care for the resources around us - to create what we need from we have. I believe craft should sit at the heart of our education and training so that we can all really build the foundations of our wellbeing.”

“Resourcefulness is an essential and practical tool for human and planetary wellbeing. It brings to life essential concepts like the Circular Economy and Kate Raworth’s ‘Doughnut Economics’.

And we need to see this reflected in our Living Standards Framework to really address our wellbeing. So to find the wellbeing that we all crave, look to your resourceful self, make the most of what you have, and build your life on the foundation of a resourceful and caring relationship with Earth as this is the most essential and healthy relationship you and I have.”

For more information on Juliet's work on resourcefulness please see Volume 1 of the Journal of Resourcefulness, a free PDF is available here. Volume 2 is due to be published in late 2019.