June 29, 2017

Christchurch City Council supports Rekindle's Resourceful Ōtautahi initiative

29th June 2017

We are SO delighted to receive this grant from Christchurch City Council for our Resourceful Ōtautahi initiative. This grant will enable us to deliver a series of free public workshops in the central city at our pop-up craft workshop at 100 Peterborough Street.
Resourceful Ōtautahi is all about using craft and local resources to experience how good it feels to be resourceful, and to feel that we can make what we need from what we have, together.

We have a few bits and pieces to organise and then these workshops will be announced. More soon!

We are super grateful to Christchurch City Council, Life in Vacant Spaces, Trent Hiles, Mackleys, Containers & More and TreeTech for making Resourceful Ōtautahi possible.