November 10, 2018

ANNOUNCING: the Fund for Necessary Traditions

As part of the inaugural festival in 2018 we are delighted to share with you this new fund which has been set up to fortify & grow the presence of resourceful craft in Aotearoa New Zealand.

This fund & it's impact is needed because as a society we are losing the ability to create what we need from what we have whilst caring for the local natural resources we rely on. To do this we need knowledge, skills & the practice of the necessary traditions which allow us to be kaitiaki or carers of the ecosystems we live within. This way we are all well & we are all connected.

Donations to this fund enable the following support:

  1. Experienced craft practitioners are supported to develop their practice so that it is inherently resourceful i.e.  that it carefully uses & cares for local resources to create what we need from what we have. This involves partnership between science & craft.
  2. Experienced practitioners of resourceful craft are supported to teach & share their skills & knowledge.
  3. Opportunities for learning resourceful craft traditions are subsidised to reduce barriers to access for as many people as possible.

This work has already begun with the Necessary Traditions festival 2018 giving over 40 resourceful practitioners the opportunity to share their practice with the general public. We have been able to bring these practitioners together to create a support network & to strengthen the identity of resourceful craft, and have provided specific support to enable their skills to be shared through workshops, talks & demonstrations.

We look forward to evaluating the impact of this event on these practitioners and sharing this with you.

We also look forward to working with more patrons who wish to have a part in fortifying & growing the presence of resourceful craft in Aotearoa New Zealand. As a patron of Necessary Traditions you can choose to: be consulted with on a regular basis regarding the direction of the fund, listed as a patron publicly, receive updates on the impact enabled by your donations, be a part of events, gain access to workshops, give advice, & get to know the practitioners we support.

The bank account for donations is: Rekindle 12-3147-0442675-01

Please contact with any queries regarding this.