July 31, 2013

July 2013

Social Enterprise Week in New Zealand, yes!! And it's soon, in Wellington 14-18 August 2013. Come on up/down/across! And if you're wondering about a future in social enterprise, this might just be the point from which you never look back....

A chat with Hannah Smith...
Thanks Hannah Smith for coming and seeing us, it was wonderful to connect with your world and benefit your perspective and encouragement.

Photo - Fairfax NZ News
Photo - Fairfax NZ News


Off cut Jewellery Range.
Have you seen our furniture offcuts turned by the magical hands of Emma Byrne and Jeremy Leeming into cherished wooden gems? This work celebrates this stunning ancient timber for all that it's worth.

You can buy your friends, loves and/or dear hearts, one here...

Image by Laura Forest. www.lauraforest.com