Frame basket (Ōtepoti)

Learn to weave a small, round, frame basket using willow and foraged fibres.


$159.00 per person


5h 30min

About this experience

  • Oct 26, 10am-3.30pm

Construct a small, round, frame style basket from materials you may have growing in your own garden. This simple European technique has been used to weave useful baskets from a variety of materials for hundreds of years. We will be using a mix of locally gathered willow, ivy, tī kōuka and other materials depending on seasonal availability. We will discuss how to gather and prepare materials, so once you understand the technique you will be able to experiment with other plants.

Please note:

  • Comfortable, practical clothing including enclosed shoes is advised, and bring close fitting gardening gloves and secateurs with you if you have them. 

  • Please be aware that occasionally some people can develop a mild rash when working with ivy. The gloves will minimise this, as will the removal of leaves prior.

  • If you have access to fallen tī kōuka leaves, you may like to bring a small bundle which has been soaking in water for a couple of days. 

  • You may also like to gather some ivy for weaving.  Look for flexible, trailing, unattached pieces without branches which are at least as long as your arm and no thicker than a pencil. Pull them through your closed fist to remove the leaves and then coil them up. Either bring them fresh or allow them to dry and then soak overnight. Any other long, thin, flexible vines from your garden that you would like to experiment with are also welcome.

  • This workshop is for adults.



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We are grateful to be able to offer this workshop because of support from Creative New Zealand.

Your Host

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Since 2016 Diana has been developing her weaving practice with locally grown and foraged fibres. Having studied fashion design and worked in clothing repairs and alterations Diana has always enjoyed creative design and problem solving. Her desire to tread lightly on this earth and conserve its resources has found a natural fit with the materials she grows and forages. More recently Diana has turned her attention to willow growing and weaving. Diana is teaching frame basket, foraged tray, wreath, and floor mat, and hosting monthly weaving club sessions, and some mending club sessions.