At Rekindle we create and share opportunities for resourcefulness by promoting the skills and knowledge involved in creating what we need from the life within us and around us, for the wellbeing of planet and people. We transform local resources through care and craft, this being the opposite of wastefulness. Resourcefulness requires us to engage with our inner resources whilst building relationship with the life around us, and in this ongoing exchange we realise the inseparable nature of life on Earth. Being truly resourceful connects us within communities as we share the resources we have.       

Resourceful Craft Workshops

We are now CLOSED at the Arts Centre and our workshop programme is on pause. 

We will let you know when we have a new location and new workshops!


In our resourceful craft workshops, you can learn basket weaving, spoon carving, stool making, felting, string making, natural dying, eco-printing and more. By creating what you need from the life within you and around us all, you support the wellbeing of people and planet.

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