June 28, 2018

Free classes in our workshop at the Arts Centre!

With huge thanks to the Enliven Places Project Fund at Christchurch City Council, we are able to offer a series of free workshops during some weekdays starting from 6th August 2018. This funding has enabled us to begin to deliver these free workshops (at our previous central city site) and now to continue this in our new space at the Arts Centre.

Longer term, we plan to continue to offer some free workshops during the working week so to make experiences of resourceful craft accessible to everyone. We hope these workshops will especially enable those who couldn't contribute financially to the costs of our other workshops, or those who have a need for something meaningful to do during the working week. We have another charitable partner supporting us to do this in 2019 and we're excited to share news of that soon.

So please keep an eye on our Resourceful Skills Workshop page to see the dates of the free workshops as they come up. Booking is essential so we can prepare for the workshops. At this time they are mostly on Mondays and Tuesday at 1030am, please see below for a map of where to find the workshop.