Resourceful Skills Workshops

We are excited to share an array of different workshops that will enable you to learn new resourceful skills, these will change and grow over time. We are beginning with week day sessions Monday to Wednesday, and we hope to get some weekend courses up soon too. Courses to come include: string & rope-making, basket-weaving, peg-making, peg-loom making, peg-loom weaving, spoon-carving, basic stool making, shaving horse making etc.


PLEASE BOOK BELOW if you can... This course is free so that it is accessible to all, but it would be great, where possible, if people are able to book in to take part please, it just helps us know how many people might be coming.  

We do have a koha jar if you feel you would like to contribute to workshop costs, or you can make a donation as you book below. We are currently looking into other ways of supporting this sharing, like time-banking et al.

If you would like to be on the mailing list for information regarding future workshops, please enrol here.