April 30, 2013

April 2013


Heather sitting on the pile of wood at Te Papa, ready to go, sculpting a city from
waste wood tomorrow!
Come down and check out the whole Makertorium tomorrow 26th April 2013,
one day only, its going to be an epic day of making at Te Papa.





The Offcut Series

Rekindle is excited to invite artists, designers and makers to submit ideas, which utilise reclaimed timber. The successful work will be installed in a vacant ground floor shop on
New Regent Street. The first exhibition has been installed into shop 6, and the street opens to the public from Saturday 20th April. These vacant shops will be tenanted soon and we are taking this opportunity to utilise the spaces for creative projects. In accordance with the rapidly changing nature of the city, we are looking for quick-response work that is smart and resourceful.
Successful ideas may need to be executed within two weeks of confirmation.
For more information contact Emma;

First Offcut Series