Resourceful Ōtautahi

Resourceful Ōtautahi focuses on creating what we need from what we have. Based in Ōtautahi Christchurch, Aotearoa New Zealand, it is an initiative that creates opportunities for resourcefulness. 

We believe that with care and shared resourcefulness we can live lives that we value that are also within the means that nature offers us. Learning what we need to live, and how we can create this from what is around us seems fundamental to caring for this earth and ourselves at this crucial time. Living resourcefully helps us reduce our contribution to climate change by addressing our over-consumption and wastefulness.

Feeling resourceful gives us a sense of inner resilience and strength, and this is essential for our mental health and well being.

Resourceful Ōtautahi involves the sharing of skills that enable us to create what we need from what we have. We are beginning this work focused on the skills of greenwood-working and weaving as these are inherently resourceful crafts, and through this we will work to make more tangible how invaluable resourcefulness is to us. 

We began Resourceful Ōtautahi at FESTA 2016 with a pilot of Zero Waste Ōtautahi, that then led into a series of resourceful skills workshops being offered at our pop-up container workshop at 100 Peterborough Street in early 2017.

These workshops have been wonderfully supported by Christchurch City Council, TreeTech, Mackleys, Containers & More, Four Seasons Tree Care, and Life in Vacant Spaces.

In August/September 2017 we commenced a new program of resourceful skills workshops at the pop-up container workshop in central Ōtautahi Christchurch, and at our main workshop at the Ferrymead Heritage Park.

Please see here for an updated list of the workshops on offer.