October 20, 2018

Our Resourceful Skills Workshop - thanks to Creative New Zealand

Thanks to grant funding from Creative New Zealand we have been able to develop new work & put a whole lot of energy into developing our Resourceful Skills Workshops programme this last year.  

In later 2017 we received a grant from Creative New Zealand for this purpose & this has contributed significantly to the development of Rekindle as an arts organisation. This project developed our capability to work with an array of skilled craft practitioners including Stephanie Owens, Gregory Quinn, Benita Wakefield (Ngāti Kahungunu, Ngāti Kere, Ngāti Irakehu), Gemma Stratton, & Douglas Horrell.

This project has enabled us to curate & develop the Resourceful Skills Workshop programme, which comes as a result of these craft practitioners having time & opportunity to develop their skills to deliver craft workshops to the public. 

We are delighted to share some images below of some of the work that has been enabled through this project.

A school holiday spoon carving class in progress being run by Juliet Arnott.

Images above by Johannes Van Kan.

Images below by Justyn Rebecca Denney.

Douglas Horrell carving a spoon from local Black Walnut. Douglas has been practising green wood-working for 2-3 years & now tutors with Rekindle. Image below is Douglas at work in our Arts Centre workshop.

Gemma Stratton weaving with son Marlo as she works on the back of one of the Orkney chairs that was made by the team.

Greg Quinn finishing a greenwood rake. 

Benita Wakefield (Ngāti Kahungunu, Ngāti Kere, Ngāti Irakehu) weaving harakeke at Rehua Marae where she run some Raranga workshops with Rekindle. Benita is pictured below with her Aunty & Juliet Arnott.

This image above is Juliet Arnott preparing to finish a greenwood stool. This is a workshop developed for our Resourceful Skills programme.

Below are some of the amazing craftspeople who are or have been involved in the development of our Resourceful Skills Workshop programme, including from top right: Ruben Hamblett, Kerry Mulligan, Douglas Horrell, Emma Johnson, Trent Hiles, & from bottom right: Gemma Stratton & Marlo, Juliet Arnott & Greg Quinn. Not pictured are Stephen Brailsford, Stephanie Owens & Richard Hare.

Many of this group contributed to bring this furniture to fruition which is now found at Te Matatiki Toi Ora Arts Centre in the Boys High Building.