August 03, 2016

Imagining a Zero Waste World

On Thursday 18th August 2016 at the XCHC in Christchurch, I'd love you to come along, sit back, relax and imagine with me..


How would we live in a 'zero waste' world? What would day-to-day life be like? What tools do we need when living resourcefully? How would people work together to enable this? How would communities function to enable this?
What would a tool kit for a 'zero waste' life look like?
What would a 'zero waste' community look like?
How would we grow/trade/make/share/repair the resources we need: shoes, clothes, underwear, food, hygiene products, utensils, transport, tools, beer, wine etc...?
What could you do to support 'zero waste' living, for yourself and others?

Many of us are on our way towards 'zero waste' but there's a way to go - NZ still sends so much "waste to land" (MFE words) and data is only collected about 30% of it. The Ministry for Environment does not require reporting on the other 70% of "waste to land", and that is one hell of a big part of a feedback loop missing!
So let's get together and imagine a world where what goes as "waste to land" is regenerative and not harmful.

I've been invited to present a work as part of FESTA this year, supported by Creative New Zealand, and for this I aim to collaborate with local people and resources to provide an experience of an imagined 'Zero Waste World'.

This evening from 7-9pm at XCHC, 376 Wilsons Road, Christchurch, will be a chance to have fun envisioning this world and the tools we need to make this happen.

Hope you can come along and join in, please definitely RSVP to by 11th August.

And huge gratitude to our fantastic event sponsors:


Warm wishes,
Juliet Arnott