Rekindle is a social enterprise that enables diversion of reusable resources from waste via design, creativity and craftsmanship.


End of the first Christchurch collection

November 04, 2014

The time has come where the first range of limited edition products we've been lovingly making here in Christchurch has sadly come to and end. We've found over the last while the supply of material has changed as demolition practices have changed. Working with waste as our supply means we have to be ready to change tack and respond to what is available or needs to be addressed, and so it is time to look at new waste streams, and that means new materials and designs. We know there is more than enough potential innovation in New Zealand to transform waste into reuse, and it is this alchemy we work to encourage. For the next short while we will be selling our remaining... Continue Reading →

Rekindle: Auckland design series launch 14th October 2014

October 14, 2014

So exciting to be launching this beautiful body of work made from Auckland's waste. Continue Reading →

The Offcut Series Presents: Annelies Zwaan

May 01, 2014

A collection of work by Annelies Zwaan. Opening on May 1st, 6pm in our Gallery at 35 New Regent St.     Continue Reading →

The Offcut Series Presents: Phil Hart

April 08, 2014

Come and celebrate a new collection of work by Phil Hart. Opening on Thursday 10th April at 5.30pm in our gallery space at 35 New Regent Street. Continue Reading →

Design Round 2 begins for Whole House Reuse

April 07, 2014

Over the last two months participants from around the country have been formulating innovative, unique, reverential, beautiful ideas for the reuse of the materials gathered from the salvage of 19 Admirals Way in Christchurch, New Zealand.       This first Design Round closed on the 4th April 2014, and in the next couple of weeks Design Round 2 begins. In mid April the revised Catalogue of Resources will be released, with allocated materials from Round 1 removed. This catalogue will therefore be a bit smaller, more obscure and challenging, requiring some real inventiveness. We invite people from all backgrounds and interests to participate in this project. This monumental task of transforming an entire house into new works requires a truly... Continue Reading →