Wednesday 27 February, Peg-making, 6–7.30pm, The Arts Centre

At The Arts Centre in the Rekindle Workshop, which is located upstairs in the Boys’ High building at 28 Worcester Boulevard.

This workshop is not just about pegs, it is instead the beginning of you becoming a skilled greenwood-worker!

This workshop will give you the technique for making your own clothes pegs from locally harvested hazel rods, so you will go home with new skills and a few pegs to cherish and use! This workshop will also introduce you to greenwood-working, and to the tools and techniques of this wonderful craft.

This workshop costs $30 and BOOKING is via the Rekindle website is essential. These workshops are costed not to 'make' money but to cover costs to ensure we can keep offering these workshops and other opportunities to learn new resourceful skills which are at risk of being lost. We are a social enterprise and we work to create these opportunities to practice resourcefulness because it's good for us to create what we need from what we have, and it's good for the Earth too.

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