Spoon School: Thurs 30 August, 6–8.30pm; Thurs 6 Sept, 6–8.30pm; Thurs 13 Sept, 6–8.30pm; Thurs 20 Sept, 6–8.30pm at The Arts Centre

Spoon School in 4 sessions at the Rekindle Workshop at The Arts Centre

6-8.30pm on Thursday 30 August, Thursday 6 September, Thursday 13 September & Thursday 20 September

For spoon carvers with previous experience, this course delves deeper into the timeless and very portable craft of spoon carving. You’ll learn basic and advanced techniques; how to use and maintain the tools, and develop your carving skill further as we look at spoon design and function.

The resourceful skills and understanding of wood that you gain on this course will enable you to take our advanced workshops and to design and make your own projects with foraged green wood. Use of own tools encouraged, though tools are provided in class, and we will soon have some tools available for sale through the Rekindle workshop
Session 1 - Thursday 30 August, 6–8.30pm
Learn about wood. How to shape and carve it with an axe, and how to design functional spoons.
Session 2 - Thursday 6 September, 6–8.30pm
Learn basic and advanced knife techniques, carving with the drawknife, and learn how to sharpen your tools.
Session 3 - Thursday 13 September, 6–8.30pm
Spoon finishing: how to carve facets, and tricks to get a smooth-as-glass finish without sandpaper.
Session 4 - Thursday 20 September, 6–8.30pm
Our final session focuses on finishing your spoons from the course, and gives you the opportunity to prepare more spoon blanks to finish at home.

There are 6 places available and booking is essential, and non-refundable.

The price covers a portion of the: tutor's wage, workshop rent, materials & the labour to collect them, tools & their maintenance, electricity, insurance & other overheads. We are working to keep workshop prices as low as we possibly can.




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