Spoon billets

Lovely silver birch spoon billets split today, Sunday 3 May 2020. When these sell out there'll be more coming, we plan to keep this rolling as long as they are wanted.

Huge thanks to Four Seasons Tree Care: The Tree People for saving this beautiful timber for us, & to Greg Quinn for making time to go and pick it up, seal the logs & chainsaw it up ready to be split. 

These billets are basically in 3 sizes as per the images below. Today there are 8 x standard ones at $4 each, good for cooking or serving spoons, or eating spoons (with a trim).  Then there are 3 x slightly deeper at $5 each, which will give you more of a bowl. Then 3 x wider & deeper at $6 each for a bigger serving spoon. 

These prices include 15% GST & we only seek to cover our costs involved in getting this greenwood from the felling site to you. On one hand it does seem strange to place this value on a piece of wood one might otherwise think of as kindling, but on the other hand this is what it costs for us to run a vehicle to go and collect the wood from the arborist (usually at a moments notice), and then seal, store, chainsaw & split this precious tree (that grew for many years) into pieces for you to become spoons that will last beyond a lifetime.

These can be picked up in St Albans, Ōtautahi Christchurch, I'll send you the address after you've ordered. Or they can be posted out at an additional cost (depending on how many you order, I'll tell you how much and ask you to make a bank transfer, will be about $6 for every 5 billets).

These billets vary naturally so won't be identical to the ones you see here.




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