Fleece to Fabric Workshop with Christchurch Guild of Spinners & Weavers on Thursday 15th November 2018

Wool is such an incredible long-lasting and local resource, one that we could rely more upon to meet our needs. So we are fortunate to have the Christchurch Guild of Spinners & Weavers to call upon to share their knowledge about this resource and all of it's possibilities in use. 

This 'Fleece to Fabric' workshop on Thursday 15th November 2018 from 6pm to 9pm, involves learning to work with a local Canterbury fleece and coming to understand the whole process from fibre preparation, spinning, making a skein and then on to making a finished item.

This involves learning how to transform fleece into yarn using a drop spindle, and then teaches you how to knit or crochet your yarn into a peggy square; the building block of many useful creations. You'll also learn first-hand just how accessible and cost saving spinning is. 

This workshop will also introduce you to Christchurch’s community of wool fibre workers, and you'll no doubt find the depth of knowledge and skills held by the members of the guild is phenomenal.

This workshop will be held at the Christchurch Guild Of Spinners And Weaver’s work space, found via entrance through 11 Tanner St, Woolston. This workshop is wheelchair accessible, and has free parking.

Suitable for all 10 years and over, no need for parent supervision during workshop.

To find our more about the Christchurch Guild of Spinners & Weavers you can visit their website, and The Tannery website where they are based.

Huge thanks to the Arts Centre for supporting the festival and this workshop.