2 day Earth Building Workshops with Kerry Mulligan on various dates from 12th to 17th November 2018

It is so fortunate that Kerry Mulligan has collaborated with Richmond Community Garden to make this workshop series possible. Learning these skills will give you a strong sense of earth-building and the variety of techniques involved. We love this work, as it doesn't get more directly resourceful than creating a building from the ground up with clay & sand, and other natural materials like straw and lime.

Through this workshop: Earth Building Techniques and Practice, Kerry will share with you how to use natural materials for building beautiful and practical shelter. You'll leave knowing how these techniques use low embodied energy, local materials and hands and feet as tools to build a human scale building. The techniques and practices in these workshops will be Wattle and Daub, and Light Earth/Slip Straw both into a roundpole, round house structure and finished with clay and lime plasters.

Earth buildings use unprocessed and untreated materials for building so the air quality in an earth building is very high, and this type of construction also regulates the humidity in the air so these buildings typically do not have moisture issues. The unprocessed nature of the materials minimises carbon emissions as no or little machinery is used.

Kerry is offering 3 workshops, and each runs for 2 days: 

Workshop 1: Monday 12th & Tuesday 13th Nov 2018, 9am-3pm

Workshop 2: Wednesday 14th & Thursday 15th Nov 2018 9am-3pm

Workshop 3: Friday 16th & Saturday 17th Nov 2018 9am-3pm.

The workshops are being held in Richmond Community Garden (click her for a map) just behind Avebury House at 9 Eveleyn Couzins Ave, Richmond, Ōtautahi Christchurch.

There workshops are not suitable for children under 12, and children aged 12 to 15 will need an adult with them please.

Huge thanks to the Arts Centre for supporting the festival and this workshop.

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