Complete hand brush (Rīkona)

Learn to make a heart style hand brush using green woodworking techniques.


$212.00 per person



About this experience

Nov 23, 10am-3pm / Nov 24, 10am-3pm

This in-depth workshop is a chance to experience making a hearth style hand brush from start to finish across two days. Green woodworking techniques are first used to prepare the handle, sizing it from a hazel wood sapling, before shaving it down using a draw knife and shave horse. Hand drills will be used to bore holes ready to receive the tī kōuka fibres and cordage prepared in the second phase of this fulfilling workshop.


Please note: 

  • All materials and tools will be provided.
  • This class is held over two days.
  • This workshop is suitable for adults who can work safely without direct supervision with very sharp hand tools. 


Bookings are non-refundable. If for any reason (this includes illness, travel delays, and injuries) you need to cancel your workshop, you will receive a refund minus a $30 administration fee. This is provided you contact us at least 14 full days before your booking

Please see our Cancellation Policy for more details.


We are grateful to be able to offer this workshop because of support from Creative New Zealand.

Your Host

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Based in Mohua Golden Bay, Gemma works predominantly as a brush maker. She majored in sculpture at the University of Canterbury’s School of Fine Arts where her practice focused on making tools and devices to assist her colleagues with their work. She weaves her long-held dedication to resourcefulness into everything she does. Gemma is teaching hand brush, pencil brush, whisk brush, and wreath-making.