Adult Ticket for Necessary Traditions festival for both Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th November 2018

With this ticket you will see and learn from over 40 resourceful craftspeople and others who practice necessary traditions including:

Beeswax candle making by Jeff Robinson, Blacksmithing by Chris Daube, Bookbinding by Sandy Corbett, Boot/Shoe making by Louise Ayling, Boot/Shoe making by Louise Clifton of Shoe School, Buttonhole hand-sewing & Darning by Steven Park of 6×4, Ceramics with local pigments & clays by Tatyanna Meharry, Doll making by Hilary Jean Tapper, Dying from plants by Phoebe Wilding, Felting by Simone Bensorp of Wild Felt, Fine Woodworking by the Centre for Fine Woodworking, Foraging by Peter Langlands, Greenwood Garden Rake making by Greg Quinn, Growing your own food by Angela Clifford, Hand block printing by Kuva Zakheim, Heritage Earthbuilding by Kerry Mulligan, Knitting and spinning by the Spinners & Weavers Guild, Kintsugi repair by Yuka O’Shannessy & Yoko Shimoyama, An Astute Assembly, Kuksa & Spoon-carving by Alex Yerks, USA, Letterpress and Typesetting by Ferrymead Printing Society, Mandolin making by David Simpson, Music by Flora Knight & friends, Mutual Aid Networks by Gen de Spa, Pin-hole photography & Camera Obscura by Stefan Roberts, Preserving the season’s bounty by Kate McMillan, Rag Rug-making by Vita Cochran, Sydney, Raranga Harakeke Weaving by Benita Wakefield & whānau, Refurbishing jewellery by Jacky Morren, Repair, refurbishment, & recycling of e-technology by Alan Liefting, Sewing from reused cloth by Sylvia Houston, Soap-making by Anthea Madill, Spoon-carving by Douglas Horrell of Cleft Craft, Story-telling by Sharon Moreham, String-making by Rekindle, Sustainable Household products by Samantha Fay, Tī kōuka weaving by Rekindle, Timebanking by Addington Timebank, Traditional Chair-making by Richard Hare, Upholstery by Nigel Cook, Willow basket weaving by Peter Greer, and many more.

The 2 days runs from 10am to 5pm. Entry from 10am, last entry at 4pm. 

The tickets are non-refundable, and non-transferable, i.e. they relate only to access to the festival on Saturday 10th November 2018

More information on the festival programme coming soon!


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