7 day Traditional Greenwood Windsor Chair-making Workshop with Richard Hare Tues 13th to Mon 19th November 2018

Imagine hand-crafting a Windsor chair from a log to a chair using hand-tools, this is your chance!

We are delighted to have Richard Hare with us for Necessary Traditions, all the way from Northland, Aotearoa.

Richard is the only traditional chair-maker teaching these ancient skills in this country and we feel so pleased to be able to help this workshop to happen. He learnt these skills in the UK originally and has since spent many years practicing and sharing them.

You will leave not only richer in term so of the skills you've learned and the tools  you've mastered, but you will have a chair that will last your lifetime and many more after.


A Windsor chair has a sculpted, solid timber seat to which the legs (usually turned) are joined from below. The top, consisting of spindles and a steam-bent back, is joined to the seat from above. Windsor chairs were produced in great numbers during the 18th century in Britain and North America.

You will be making this chair using hand tools and pre-Industrial Revolution techniques. Starting with a freshly felled log, you’ll split out stretchers, legs and spindles and use a foot-operated pole lathe to turn the legs and stretchers. You will steam-bend the back bow and bore and shape the solid elm seat, using traditional tools. Finally, you'll put it all together – and we’re sure it will become a family heirloom. While this is a fairly demanding project physically, Richard has successfully taught people aged from 16 to 82 years.

With a background in (and passion for) building and furniture making, Richard attended a greenwood chair-making workshop at Ironbridge, England in 1995. He became passionate about these chairs, the methods of making them and the tools used. In 1998, he established Traditional Greenwood Chairs and, along with other woodwork, has crafted close to 700 of these chairs and taught nearly 200 people at workshops throughout the South Island, Australia and Norfolk Island.

The goal of this workshop is to gain confidence in yourself and the tools being used.  

This 7 day workshop, 8.30am to 5pm each day, will be based in a beautiful woodland at the Brandenburg Coppice at Lincoln University, so this may well be an experience like no other wood-working you've done before!

Please note: The total cost (over $903.90 per person) of this workshop is being subsidised by Rekindle to reduce the cost involved to you. We want this amazing opportunity to be as accessible as it can be, whilst ensuring Richard is paid for his time & knowledge. Rekindle is subsidising this workshop because: 

  1. our mission is to create opportunities for resourcefulness and this is one of those, 
  2. we believe in investing in your learning resourceful skills so you know how vital it feels to create what you need from what you have. And we're sure you'll share this experience with others, 
  3.  it is essential to ensure skilled craftspeople like Richard have opportunities to teach and practice.

This is a workshop suited for adults only, no children please. Bookings are essential and non-refundable.

Huge thanks to the Arts Centre for supporting the festival and this workshop.

Thanks to Creative New Zealand for helping us bring Richard here for the festival.


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