1 day Willow Basket Weaving workshop with Peter Greer on Tuesday 13th November 2018

Willow Basketry - An Introduction by Peter Greer.

In this workshop you will spend a day making a small round basket, and in doing this you'll come to grips with basic willow basketry techniques. You will create something natural & beautiful, enduring & strong, and feel the satisfaction of making it yourself.  

The basic willow weaving techniques learned can later be used to make baskets out of a variety of other materials.  

With natural materials and just a few simple tools, we can produce beautiful, functional baskets. In an ever complex world it is very grounding to get back to basics and make by hand a product that is useful and regenerative for us and the ecosystem we live within. 

We are so happy to have Peter Greer, Willow Basketmaker here for Necessary Traditions from Onekaka, in Mohua Golden Bay, Aotearoa New Zealand. Peter has been weaving baskets for more than 30 years, this ancient craft has long intrigued him. You can find our more about his work on his Willowworks website, or his Facebook page. Peter's baskets can be ordered online via his website, or found in Christchurch at Frances Nation, our neighbours at the Art Centre.

Each of Peter's basket are unique, handcrafted using traditional techniques. All are made from basket willow grown, harvested and processed on his stunning property at Onekaka. Peter describes finding it "extremely satisfying to produce something  non toxic which has a very small carbon footprint. Indeed my willow plantation is a genuine carbon sink and the baskets themselves are made from plants that have been busy sequestering  carbon  all year, and since the baskets are built to last, that has to be good for the planet." 

Strong and durable his baskets often become the workhorses of the household, and are treasured for their good looks.


Tuesday 13th November 2018 9.30am to 4.30pm, at the Gym at the Arts Centre Ōtautahi Christchurch.

All materials provided.

This is a workshop suited for adults only, no children please. Bookings are essential and non-refundable.

Huge thanks to the Arts Centre for supporting the festival and this workshop

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