People - 2017

Rekindle has been fortunate to have the support of many individuals since we began this journey in 2010. These days we take a project-based approach to work to keep the business light and agile. Within our current project Resourceful Ōtautahi in 2017 the following individuals are involved:

 Juliet Arnott, Founder & Director

 Emma Johnson

Trent Hiles Trent Hiles

 Ruben Hamblett

 Douglas Horrell

  Ruben Hull

 Gemma Stratton

 Greg Quinn

 Kerry Mulligan




Boards of Advisors for review of academic material for Resource: Rise Again Journal:

Dr Atiq Zaman, Environmental Research Scientist & Research Associate at the School of Built Environment, Curtin University in Perth, Australia

Prof Jonathan Boston, Professor of Public Policy, Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand

Dr Lesley Stone, Manager of the University of Auckland's Sustainability and Environmental Programme, Auckland, New Zealand