People - 2016

Rekindle has been fortunate to have the support of many individuals since we began this journey in 2011. These days we take a project-based approach to work to keep the business light and agile. Within our current project Resource: Rise Again in 2016 the following individuals are involved:

Juliet Arnott, Founder & Director


David Jessep, Accountant and Advisor

Dr Sean Barnes, Advisor

Jonathon Hannon, Advisor


Panel of expertise for the Resource: Rise Again project

We are delighted to be able to draw upon the knowledge and experience of these individuals:

Jonathon Hannon

Jonathon Hannon is the coordinator of the Zero Waste Academy, at Massey University, New Zealand (NZ).  This role involves the development of NZQA training for the NZ recycling industry, university teaching, research/research supervision, advisory around campus and city sustainability, recycling industry / community engagement and support.  Jonathon’s academic interests centre on: waste & zero waste, industrial ecology & urban metabolism, the ‘circular economy’, product stewardship / extended producer responsibility, living labs, organic recycling, ewaste and the community enterprise sector’s role in recycling. Jonathon is currently undertaking a PhD exploring and evaluating municipal zero waste methodologies.


Dr Atiq Zaman

Dr. Atiq Zaman is an Environmental Research Scientist and he is currently working as a Research Associate at the School of Built Environment, Curtin University in Perth, Australia. Atiq completed his PhD in sustainable waste management in 2015 at the University of South Australia. He is actively involved in promoting the ‘zero waste’ concept. His research priorities are to develop zero waste strategies, policies and assessment tools to implement the concept in a widespread area of sustainable development. 


Darren Patterson 


Darren has a background working with and for a range of businesses and local and central government and is now an independent environmental consultant with roles in a number of different organisations focused on waste He is the Business Development Director at 3R, a business in NZ where they develop programmes to recycle or responsibly dispose of used products and packaging. They solve specific waste issues for businesses, and run industry-wide projects looking at disposal and recycling over the life of a product. He is Chair of WasteMINZ. WasteMINZ is the largest representative body of the waste and resource recovery sector in New Zealand. Formed in 1989 it is a membership-based organisation with over 1,000 members – from small operators through to councils and large companies. They are the authoritative voice on waste and resource recovery in New Zealand.    Darren is also Chair of the Sustainable Initiatives Fund Trust (SIFT) an organisation that provides funding to waste and sustainability projects active in the Canterbury region.


Lizanne Dirkx

Lizanne is a designer, researcher and design teacher from Rotterdam (NL). Lizanne graduated from the MA Sustainable Design at Brighton University (UK) after a Bachelor in product design at the Design Academy in Eindhoven (NL). She is specialized in sustainable and social design, circular economy, materials and crafts. She founded Upstyle Industries in 2014, a not for profit organisation that works on upscaling re-use, by design. With her company and as a freelance professional she has developed products and services that use and re-use resources in a smart and ecologically sound way. Amongst her clients are e.g. architecture and design companies, waste management companies, universities and governmental organisations.


Resource: Rise Again Publication team:

Emma Johnson - Editor

Emma Johnson is a director and the main editor at Freerange Press, which has published, among other titles, Once in a Lifetime: City-building after Disaster in Christchurch and Christchurch: The Transitional City. She is a graduate of the Whitireia Publishing programme and has interned at Canterbury University Press and Auckland University Press. She has also been involved in the Festival of Transitional Architecture as the publicity and communications manager.


Matthew Galloway - Designer


Boards of Advisors for review of academic material:

Dr Atiq Zaman, Environmental Research Scientist & Research Associate at the School of Built Environment, Curtin University in Perth, Australia

Prof Jonathan Boston, Professor of Public Policy, Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand

Dr Lesley Stone, Manager of the University of Auckland's Sustainability and Environmental Programme, Auckland, New Zealand