Craft Connects Us


April 2020

Coming very soon - this series of live online conversations with craft practitioners from here in Aotearoa and elsewhere, celebrates the way that resourceful craft connects us all. 

Craft connects us to so much:

Crafts connects us to the present moment.
Crafts connects us to our inner resources & strengthens our sense of self.
Crafts connects us to each other through common purpose & shared resourcefulness. Craft strengthens community.
Craft connects us to our ancestors, to the past, present & future. It keeps culture alive. 
Craft connects us to where what we need comes from, to the water, soil, & air that we need to be well. It connects us to Earth's resources, and reminds us to borrow them carefully & return without harm.


Details coming soon. All enquiries to please.

Image by Justyn Denney.