Pre-order a Ben Orford Spoon Carving Knife

This spoon knife is made in England by Ben Orford. Ben has a fantastic reputation in the UK for high quality tools, and himself is considered a very skilled greenwood-worker as well as knife maker. 

(Check this video out of Ben at work turning a bowl on a pole lathe, one of my favourite inspirations...

Ben makes a number of different spoon carving tools and this is the Small Hybrid Crook Knife. Ben describes it here "The Small Hybrid Crook Knife is a very good general purpose crook knife which allows you to carve spoons easily and, due to the shape of the hybrid handle, allows you to make cups, larger spoons, ladles and noggin bowls easily as the handle gives extra leverage. These Crook Knives or Spoon knives have a curved blade with a single external bevel for the removal of material in the bowl of a spoon or bowl. They are available both left and right handed."

Having a pair of both left and right is very useful when carving spoons and bowls as you can cut from both sides of the bowl, and also can use a push cut rather than a pull cut.

This crook knife is supplied with a leather blade wrap to protect the edge.!/Small-Hybrid-Crook-knife/p/34599480/category=8705023



Please chose a knife related to your dominant hand, i.e. chose a left or a right. Unless you want to order both a left & a right.

An order will be placed in late Feb 2020, and knives will arrive approximately 6 weeks later.

Please be aware you will need to come and pick up your knife from our workshop at the Arts Centre.



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