Set of two knives - Mora 164 Spoon Knife & 106 Sloyd Knife

Buy the two knives you'll need for spoon-carving together: the Mora 106 Sloyd whittling knife & the Morakniv 164 Spoon or Hook knife. Morakniv is a reputable brand from Sweden, and one day we will have locally made knives too.

The Morakniv 106 is a world famous Sloyd knife for greenwood carving. A review of this knife

The Morakniv 164 Spoon or Hook knife is a suitable knife for greenwood carving spoons or bowls. They have recently improved the design of this knife. This knife has a single-edged stainless steel blade, and you need to choose whether you buy a knife for right or left hand use. The back of the knife is not sharp which gives you the possibility to use your non-carving hand to push the blade with your fingers from the back. Morakniv have optimised the blade to make it run more smoothly over the inside of the spoon or bowl. Improved edge bevels complete the blade and create an effective carving experience.

You can either come in and buy the knives in person for $130 from our workshop at the Toi Matatiki Toi Ora Arts Centre (in which case do not place an order here), or you can order one online here for $140 and we will post this out to you anywhere across Aotearoa (i.e. postage & packaging are included in the $140).  

Learning to carve:

Your options for learning how to use this knife to carve a spoon include teaching yourself with some help from experts who've made freely available films online like this old film series with Barn the Spoon, or this series with Jögge Sundqvistor for a small fee you can access lots of amazing tutorials in Barn's Spoon Club which is very worthwhile. Or you could learn from someone in person and if you'd like to come to a workshop, we run beginner spoon-carving workshops frequently. You'll find dates for spoon-carving workshops here.

Knife care:

Knives do need looking after. We highly recommend learning to sharpen and care for this tool properly as a blunt knife isn't fun, safe or effective.  You're welcome to come to any of the Sharpening workshops here that Douglas Horrell runs with us at our workshop at the Toi Matatiki Toi Ora Arts Centre. Or here's a good short tutorial with Jögge Sundqvist on sharpening the Morakniv Spoon or Hook knife, and there is another on sharpening the 106. There are lots of other helpful films on greenwood working and sharpening online too.

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