Tuesday 16 & 23 February, 6-9pm Making a mala by hand-carving beads: A meditative practice in two parts

This class with Kuva Zakheim is held at our Arts Centre workshop, which is located upstairs in the Boys’ High building at 28 Worcester Boulevard.

It runs in two parts: 6-9pm on Tuesday 16 & Tuesday 23 February.

This is the first workshop in our Inner Resourcefulness programme, which is about using our inner resources, and developing our ability to access from within what we need for lives we value.

The act of carving meditation beads is in itself a meditation. Over the course of the workshop, we will also explore different traditions that make use of meditation beads and how they do so. After carving the beads we will string them to form a mala/rosary. We will conclude with relaxing meditative techniques that calm the nervous system and still the mind, which you can then practice on your own or with friends.

Please wear clothing appropriate for carving and sitting comfortably. We will provide carving knives, Hazel or sycamore saplings as well as the string and cord.

Please also come mentally prepared to handle sharp tools.

More details will be sent to you before the workshop.

There are 8 places available.


Minimum numbers are required for the class to run.

About your tutor

Kuva has spent much of his life exploring the intersection of philosophy, meditation and resourceful craft. He is curious about the impact our everyday objects have on our sense of self and how we view and engage with our world. Kuva is particularly drawn to reuse of materials and uses a wide range of craft skills in his practice including metal work, sewing, printing, & tool making.

Bookings are essential, non-refundable and non-transferable. We do, however, understand that things come up and try and accommodate people to the best of our ability. This can include moving people to another class or a refund - but please be aware that this is reliant on us filling the original spot.

This is because all of our pricing, and our efforts to keep costs as low as possible while still paying the tutors a fee commensurate with their experience and allowing them to cover the costs of living, is based on running these classes with a certain number of participants

We are grateful for the support of CNZ, which has allowed us to offer this class at a subsidised rate.

Management of COVID-19 risk:

Please be assured this workshop will be managed with the utmost care in terms of risk management in relation to COVID-19. This will include: the workshop space being set-up with a minimum of 1 metre space between group members;  hand sanitiser being provided & its use required; hand washing facilities nearby; no sharing of tools/materials, regular disinfection of shared surfaces, and everyone is invited to bring a mask to wear if they’d prefer to do so.

Participants who are unwell, or who are required to self-isolate, must not attend the workshop. Refunds will be given if participants need to miss the workshop in order to manage the risk of COVID-19, however we need to be advised of this as soon as possible, so that we can fill the space. Refunds will not be given if participants arrive to the workshop unwell on the day.


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