3 day Kuksa Workshop with Alex Yerks Fri 16, Sat 17 & Sun 18 November 2018

We are so stoked to have Alex Yerks here for Necessary Traditions, all the way from Upstate New York! Those fortunate enough to get onto this 3 day Kuksa Workshop on Fri 16, Sat 17 & Sun 18 November 2018, are in for an unforgettable experience.

(Actually we fixed the festival dates around Alex as he happens to be teaching in Australia Spoonjam just before, so huge thanks for that Mr Jeff Spoonsmith!) 

Alex has been carving professionally with axe and knife for most of a decade, and we adore both the objects he carves, and the fact he dedicates his life to his craft. He is often on the road teaching, and continues to inspire many with his unique and ever-developing practice. You’ll also get to watch Alex demonstrate at the festival on the Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th November 2018.  

The kuksa is an old-style wooden cup made to travel far and wide and become your trusty old friend. Over three days, students will fully immerse in the world of green woodworking, using common tools like axes, adzes, gouges, hook tools and of course, the versatile slojd knife to shape freshly harvested wood into a one of a kind vessel. By crafting a kuksa, which is more than a spoon but less than a bowl, students engage in a wide array of techniques and tool usage that bridges the gap between spoon carving and bowl carving. This course will cover sourcing wood, carving, tool technique, safety and tool maintenance. While students with minimal skills are welcome, some experience using a knife, axe, and sharpening tools will be very helpful. Specialty tools will be available to borrow; students should plan to bring a carving axe, hook tool and slojd knife.

The goal of this workshop is to gain confidence in yourself and the tools being used.  Spend three days building a relationship with each specific tool - the axe, adze, gouge, froe, straight and hooked knives. This is the key to understanding the function of tool and timber.

The three-day workshop will run from 10am until 4pm on Fri 16, Sat 17 & Sun 18 November 2018, at the beautiful Brandenburg Coppice at Lincoln University - a unique woodland setting. You'll receive more workshop details later.

Please note: The cost of this workshop is being subsidised by Rekindle to reduce the cost involved to you. We want this amazing opportunity to be as accessible as it can be, whilst ensuring Alex is paid for his time & knowledge. The reason Rekindle is subsidising this workshop in this way is because our mission is to create opportunities for resourcefulness, and so we believe in investing in your learning, and in ensuring skilled craftspeople like Alex are sustained.

This is a workshop suited for adults only, no children please. Bookings are essential and non-refundable.

Huge thanks to the Arts Centre for supporting the festival and this workshop.

Thanks to Creative New Zealand for helping us bring Alex here for the festival.


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